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Physical Description

Name: Julian Reed
Sex: Male
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 150(ish)
Hair: Shoulder length, blond, sort of wavy. It's usually left down but sometimes he puts it up in a ponytail.
Eyes: Blue
Age: 25
Over all appearance:
Julian has the pale skin of an Irishman. He has a medium frame and is skinny for his height. He usually has scruff on his jaw from a couple days of not shaving. He has a lot of tattoos. He has two full sleeves with a couple of specific ones: one on the bottom side of his wrist is his Tradition's sign, two Celtic knots- one on his right shoulder and one on his left calf. His last tattoo is a large silver Chinese dragon that's head rests on his chest above his heart and then curls around his whole body. (From this link, please imagine the red color is blue instead). This is visible frequently since Julian has a tendency to walk around without a shirt on.