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CHARACTER SERIES: World of Darkness: Mage the Ascension


Backtagging: I am fine with backtagging so long as if there is pertinent things we want to have happen I'm already aware of them. It just keeps it straight for consistency and allows me to continue on to newer tags.
Threadhopping: The more the merrier!
Fourthwalling: I don't think this is allowed in most games so, no. Although I think that might be difficult anyway given his canon.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): I like to push the boundaries as far as offensive topics. I think some of the best rping comes from facing the dark reality of life. So far I haven't run into any offensive subjects that I'm not willing to tackle. If you're worried, ask.


Hugging this character: Ye
Kissing this character: Yes
Flirting with this character: He speaks Irish blarney, so he is happy to flirt.
Fighting with this character: Fighting can be lots of fun. Go ahead.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Yes, but things that are permanent I would be hesitant to be okay with. There would have to be a damn good plot point for it. Otherwise, temporary and superficial wounds have at.
Killing this character: Not unless it's a really cool plot point.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Julian has a ward in the form of a Celtic knot tattoo on his shoulder that prevents mind reading, mind control, and other influencing effects. However, it has not been working too well in BN. So if this is something you really want to do, let's talk.
Smut/ Kinks: Have at.

Julian's a mage. He can use magic and he's good at it. He has four areas of focus and I'll explain them in more details. When using magic, it depletes him of energy. However, all his magic is dependent on him creating a tattoo (or rune, if you will). He doesn't have to draw with ink and a pen. It could be anything that makes a mark and it doesn't have to be a full sketch. However, the pen, the tattoo gun, the drawings all of those things make his power stronger and more controllable. One further note about his magic is in WOD there aren't 'spells' exactly. There are certain spells (called rotes) that he can do that are easy, predictable, and don't use a lot of his energy. He's not limited to these though. He can use his imagination and tailor his magic to different situations as needed. The level of his knowledge in the sphere determine how strong an effect he can manage.

Mind magic- (Moderate) General idea- He can read people's minds, effect their moods, use telepathy.
Matter magic- (Basic) He can get a sense for what a material is made out of and if there are broken pieces, he can get an idea of what it used to be. He can do very minor reshaping of some objects. (In WoD: Vampires are corpses and would require this in order to alter their bodies in any way.)
Prime magic- (Expert) He is a pro at sensing magic, using the essence of magic, creating magical barriers against purely magical attacks, making magical effects permanent (such as his tattoos on vampire skin). His dragon tattoo is a semi-sentient being that is made of pure magic and can pull from his magical energy when it wakes.
Force magic- (Moderate) He can adjust temperature, move objects and people around to a degree (telekinesis- he isn't strong enough to literally pick up a full sized human like levitate.)

Any other questions feel free to ask.


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